From the choice of the raw material to the sales through hat-making process our demand for excellence applied to all our creations allows us to propose a lifetime guarantee.

Our Panama hats are thought to be a lifetime companion that will bring both simplicity and elegance to any clothing. The trust for our products and our promise of quality have to live up to our commitments. Each hat is sold with an international warranty card displaying a hologram attesting its authenticity. On presentation of this exclusive document we will provide any repair or replacement, free of charge and at no cost for you. Just send an email to our customer service at .

egend of Panama’s warranty shall cover any repair or replacement only for hats that have been bought online on the website or from one of our authorized retailer for :

  • Deteriorations due to normal wear
  • Defects in workmanship
  • Defective materials
  • Any alterations due to our own making (artisans, suppliers, carriers, resellers…)

However, our lifetime warranty does not concern any hat that would have been purchased from an unauthorized retailer and does not cover :

  • Damages intentionally or not unintentionally caused by yourself, a third-party, an animal or any chemical or due to a misuse, an inappropriate cleaning or any handling trying to modify the initial aspect of the hat or any improper or inadequate wear
  • A visible deterioration (for instance change of colour)
  • An alteration due to usage like stains, sweat, or make-up
  • A modification of the original properties of the hat (shrinkage, distortion, stiffening)
  • The loss or the theft

Our customer service reserves its right to pre-evaluate the hat after your request in order to define which aspect may be covered by our lifetime guarantee. If there are any doubt or any questions, contact us. We will be at your disposal to give any advice or answer any questions as soon as possible.

Do not hesitate to visit regularly our page Frequently Asked Questions or our pages dealing with Hat Caring, Storing, Usage or unique personality of our hats :

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