Values and lifestyleEXCELLENCE IS REQUIRED

Because the values that elevate excellence to requirement should be shared and lived every day, Legend of Panama assists all those that passion motivates to surpass themselves, to imagine a wider world, greater sensations or the most inspiring challenges.

Emblematic of the art of living refinement in simplicity, the hats Legend of Panama attend all the most prestigious events: Polo or tennis tournaments, golf competitions, sailing regattas or yachting, they all reinvent the way we look at the world and are an invitation to think curiosity, discovery or willingness as inner richness.


Known to be the oldest team sport, polo, a confidential activity for gentlemen, remains a rigorous, respectful and above all passionate sport. Numerous sensations and emotions mixed with the sport challenge – feelings of power, fear, boldness that are enhanced by a great humility and infinite thankfulness for one’s team and one’s horse – could only be the reflection of Legend of Panama’s values. That is why there are more and more Panama hats for the most prestigious meetings in the stands or in the stables where all the moments spent outdoors must not prevent from being elegant.


Following the same traditional values, the same dreams for infinity, the same taste for adventure, the same ambition to be part of a team that pushes beyond their limits, the same willingness to pass over the impassable, to reach the unreachable, Legend of Panama and yachting share the conception of a universe where the forces of nature challenge men who respond with respect, demand and entire commitment. That is why Legend of Panama is now a partner of institutions and yacht clubs for regattas or prestigious sailing events to make more intensely live the spirit of yachting.


From a game for an elite to this sport that can passionate crowds, from the power of its background to the essential subtility on the green, golf has made its way across time which, instead of making it ordinary, gave it its credentials and preserved its deepest identity. This is for the similarity of the destiny between Panama hats and golf, - this apparent simplicity within complexity and an alliance of elegance and excitement- that Legend of Panama asserts its presence on any tournaments or famous meetings where a universe of traditions, excellence and refinement reigns beyond the competition.


More than any other sports, tennis was able to democratize itself while keeping its renown of elegance through a sport where, not so long ago, people used to dress with flat front trousers and blazer and who still dares white clothing in some tournaments , not as a constraint but just as bias. In the public, like on the court the game between fashion and tennis has not yet been won. That is why Legend of Panama has close ties with institutions, players and public in order to proudly fly the colours of this symbol of a lifestyle right between tradition of elegance and demand for excellence.

And in daily life...AN ICON OUT OF TIME

Between know-how, know-how-to-be and manners, Legend of Panama asserts a real bias rooted in both a reality and a contemporaneity out of time and space. That is why although Panama hats are true invitations to requirement and excellence, they can unfold and be at the heart of everyday life. Whatever Panama hat you may choose, it has surely been made for men and women who want to display refinement at each moment.