Exclusive adjustableheadbandPERFECT CUSTOM FIT, THE KEY TO ANY DEMAND

You would like to buy a Panama and, even if you have already worn a hat, you do not know exactly about your hat size and you want it to fit right. Since Legend of Panama is concerned with providing the best exceptional Panama hats that will be unique and perfectly tailored for you, discover their advice for a customized measurement of your head with the possibility, if you are sizing in-between standard hat size, to adjust your hat so that it will be the perfect size.

Wearing the hat that perfectly fits is more about ‘head size’ than about ‘hat size’. Even if you give a look at the size tag in a hat you own, it does not give any indications about your head size since the codifications differ depending on the hat makers and sellers. Do not try to measure the inside of one of your hat or use a length of string or elastic band around your head to find measurements that you will later transfer on a yardstick! It will never be accurate enough. The best is to measure directly your head.


To get the most accurate measurement of your head get a flexible measuring tape. Place it around your head where you want your future Panama to rest: on the edge of your scalp? Right in the middle of your forehead, where it is slightly rounded? Or a little lower nearly on your eyebrows? If you cannot determine how to wear your hat, just put one hat on and look at yourself in a mirror to check how you look more at ease. In order to clarify a little further, just be aware that a Panama is classically worn around 1 centimeter above the eyebrows and the ears but it is, of course, not compulsory. Always prefer the one that seems right to you! Spot the place where your tape naturally fits, without thinking twice, and pay attention not to include your ears in the measurement. This is exactly where your hat will rest with elegance and casualness. Once you have perfectly leveled the tape all around, measure to the nearest millimeter and write it down. You will need it to place your order.