Rolled to be protected and carriedAN EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY MADE TO BE PROTECTED

If rolling up does not concern all the Panama hats, it remains yet one of their main qualities that guarantees the great craftsmanship to make them exceptional and timeless items. All the Panama hats cannot be rolled up: those made to remain in their original shape, or those in a high-standard design with loose or thick-fibred weaving that may break, get irreversible folds or be even more seriously damaged. It is thus essential to check the rollability of your Panama hat before trying. The Montecristi Panama hats are reputed to be the finer, the lighter, the tighter and the more regular hats. They are so flexible and their fibres are so delicate that they can be entirely rolled up and protected. The Optimo hat, with its deep central creased line, is also particularly adapted.


In order to fold your Panama hat, first gently shape the brim down all around. Roll it to one side and, with your fist, push from inside right along the central crease to make it slightly protrude outside. Very slightly push the crown down perpendicularly to the crease until the two sides are flushed against each other. Then roll up the Panama hat loosely from one side so that no traces will remain. Maintain this shape with a band or in a tube hat. Your hat can now be carried safely.

Keep the original designPRECAUTIONS FOR USAGE...

Panama hats are not really made to be rolled up, that is why this action should remain occasionally made, justified by a real need to protect the hat for a journey that should not last more than one week since the longer the hat would be rolled, the longer it will need to be reshaped. Even though rolling up is particularly convenient to safely carry a hat, it cannot be used to keep and store a hat that needs to remain in its original shape. Those hats should be put in a hat box for example.

Moreover it is important to roll and NOT to fold the hat. It must be rolled loosely, with no extra pression that may create irreversible folds. And always remember that Panama hats are made of straw from the palm toquilla. This latter needs being always damp to keep its flexibility and not to break. It is sometimes necessary to use a damp cloth that you could gently sweep over the panama or sprinkle thin droplets with a water spray that the straw can absorb.